Application Guide


Before applying the NanodermTM film dressing, clean and disinfect the lesion according to standard of care (wounds, burns, abrasions, small cuts). Open the pouch and carefully remove the NanodermTM film dressing.


Place the NanodermTM film dressing over the lesion. The NanodermTM film dressing should be at least 1 cm larger than the lesion. If additional NanodermTM film dressings are used, overlap the NanodermTM film dressings by at least 1 cm.


Ensure that the NanodermTM film dressing is fully adhered to the lesion surface by removing any air bubbles and secretions. Use a sterile pad dampened with saline solution and apply gentle pressure.


Carefully trim excess NanodermTM film dressing. Allow the NanodermTM film dressing to dry undisturbed.

Inspect the lesion for excessive secretion or infection and change the NanodermTM film dressing as needed.

The NanodermTM film dressing is not recommended for dry lesions.

Single use only. For further information see Product Insert or Instruction for Use section for composition, indications, detailed instructions and precautions.

Sterility guaranteed unless internal package is opened or damaged.