What is Nanoderm®?

Nanoderm® is a biotechnological wound dressing developed to act as a temporary skin substitute.

What are the indications?

Nanoderm® is indicated for the treatment of lesions where there is a loss of skin, such as second degree burns, dermabrasions, donor area of graft tissue, ulcerations of varied etiology, injuries caused by incisions, contusions or a combination of both, decubitus ulcers and diabetic ulcers.

What is it made of?

Nanoderm® wound dressing is made of pure bacterial cellulose, without the addition of any other components.

Its average thickness is 0.05 mm, and its selective permeability allows for the passage of water vapor but inhibits the passage of water and microorganisms.

How to apply it?

1º - Clean the wound with saline solution.

2º - Place Nanoderm® on the top of the wound and using a wet gaze to remove all the bubbles that can form beneath the bandage.

3º - Make an additional bandage keeping it for 48hours or until the total adherence of the product to the wound.

4º - After verifying total adherence of Nanoderm® wound dressing, cut out the exceeding edges. Leave Nanoderm® on until it get loose and falls by itself with the scab.

For a more complete description, see the application instructions (hyperlink) and instructions for use (hyperlink) sections.

What is the difference between Nanoderm® and the competing wound dressings?

Nanoderm® wound dressing eliminates the constant dressing changes, it works as a temporary skin substitute, and allow the passage of gases, thus working as a bacterial barrier against environmental hazards. Since Nanoderm® is manufactured using a biologically inert substance, it does not cause any type of rejection and adheres naturally to the open wound (without the need for any type of adhesive). It forms a tight seal around the wound, thus allowing for a quick renewal of the epithelium and minimizing hydroelectrolytic losses. Nanoderm® eliminates the conditions for bacterial proliferation and significantly abates pain symptoms. It is semi-transparent allowing for an easy check of progress of healing, without having to remove the wound dressing

Can Nanoderm® be used on an infected wound?

No, the infection should be treated first, so Nanoderm® wound dressing treatment can achieve the appropriated result (see Instructions for Use section).

Can Nanoderm® be used in exudative wounds?

To get better result with the use of Nanoderm®, the exudate quantity should be moderated to light.

An excess production of exudation may be forming sacs under the film. In that case the secretion should be drained, by lifting the lower edge of Nanoderm® without need of changing the film. This procedure should be followed as often as necessary.

In cases where excess secretion has caused the film to shift exposing the affected area, Nanoderm® must be removed and the area cleansed with physiological saline. New Nanoderm® should then be applied.

What if I need to remove the Nanoderm® dressing before my wound is completely healed?

If you decide to remove the Nanoderm® dressing once in place, simply soak the dressing for 10 to 15 minutes with warm water/saline solution and the dressing will simply fall off.

Can Nanoderm® be used in a necrotic area?

No, the necrotic tissue should be removed so the Nanoderm® treatment achieve the appropriate result.

Can I take a shower using Nanoderm®?

Once the protective scab is formed over the wound, the patient may be permitted to take short showers. Please note that Nanoderm®, once wet, acquires a whitish hue. The area must be dried up using soft and absorbent tissue and light strokes. A heating lamp or hair dryer may also be used, but only until the scab becomes dry. Avoid contact with clothing and bed linen.

Does Nanoderm® require dressing changes?

In most cases, Nanoderm® wound dressing doesn’t require regular dressing changes. Only when the membrane gets torn or when there is a hyper-exudative situation. Also, in some cases if the professional prefers to opt for a Nanoderm® dressing change, it can be done following a very simple procedure (see instructions for Use section).

Can Nanoderm® be used with topical medication?

A topical medication may be used directly on the wound bed, before the Nanoderm® membrane application. The topical medication may prevent or delay the membrane adherence to the wound bed and may therefore require some gauze to stabilize the Nanoderm® dressing in place until a protective scab is formed.